Frequently Asked Questions

by phone (+43 (0)660 1230018)
e-mail (info@naltex.at)
online (link)
Any kind of animation can be commissioned. Depending on the effort, however, the costs vary.
The costs depend on the effort. A free estimate of costs with different conditions is gladly offered.
Here, the range of services covers the full spectrum from a simple offline app, an online data transfer to a server-based software, which is reflected in very different effort. Therefore only an individual free estimate of costs with different conditions can give serious information.
Business apps, data management apps, entertainment apps, … there are no limits to the offer.
I can offer any kind of game. Contact me and we will hold a free conversation to discuss your ideas and concepts. Afterwards you will receive a free estimate of costs.
Basically, all platforms are supported, like Windows, iOS, Html, Linux, etc. For complex smartphone apps, however, my focus is on Android.
Any product can be virtually recreated by me using photos or a test object and then visualized in an animation.
My company-focus is in minimal time, without compromising on quality. This is achieved by a working method called „Realtime Rendering“, which enables fast processing of animations. Depending on the effort involved, this may take a maximum of one week to create an animation.
One amendment – if it does not change the basic concept – is free. The cost of each additional modification depends on the previously agreed terms.
I am looking forward to answering your specific questions via my contact page (link …). There you can also send me file attachments.